“The essential purpose of astrology…is not so much to tell us what we will meet on our road, as it is to suggest how to meet it – and the basic reason for the meeting. Which quality in us, which type of strength is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfoldment as an individual person”.
Person Centered Astrology , -Dane Rudhyar

Astrology is a complex and insightful tool that can be used to unlock your full potential. Here we take a look at the basic concepts behind character traits and personality types and how they relate with others. Astrology does not determine any characteristic to be good nor bad but an opportunity for transformation and growth.

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Current Planets

Uranus Square Pluto - March 16th ~ Personal Transformation

Uranus square Pluto

The FINAL exact square between Uranus and Pluto is occurring as we speak. This dramatic event is the seventh and last in a series of epic squares that began in 2012, which has been causing the global, political, and personal unrest we've been experiencing over the last few years. The moon now in Aquarius and opens minds to new perspectives on emotions and habits that don’t fit into the intellectually orderly box of Mercury square Saturn. A more flexible way to take care of business is supplied by Moon Sextile Saturn. This combination cerebral discipline and emotional discovery provides a favorable foundation for dealing with Uranus Square Pluto. The exact timing of the exact square needs to be taken with a grain of salt, but this could be a critical period to set the stage for personal and collective transformation. Aquarian objectivity can help us to accept new and strange patterns that can rock our worlds on the way to new and different realities. This 7th exact square indicates that we have reached a point in our evolution when we have to make a conscious choice about how we're going to live the rest of our lives. Can we let go of our personal and cultural stories of need and greed, violence and sex, power and domination, inequality and death, them and us? Or can we step into quantum theory's new paradigm that states that we actually do create our own reality? That new seed has grown into a deep-rooted plant these last three years as we've gone on the hero's journey, working to overcome the obstacles to incorporating this new vision into our personal consciousness as well as into the collective consciousness of the world. Now that new life calls us to be of service as we learn to be co-creators of Life.

Virgo Full Moon March 5th ~ Harnessing Potential

Virgo Full Moon

The Full Moon in Virgo is exact on Thursday, at 10:05am PST. The focus of this moon is on endings and beginnings. Finding that tenuous balance between action, assertion and taking a stand,The Sun in Pisces allows for a readjustment to ‘go with the flow’ and trust in the Divine to help soothe the rough patches. The Moon triggers the Venus/Mars/Uranus conjunction in Aries which can bring surprisingly spontaneous and fun times and the moon trines Pluto which adds stability and brings us into direct contact with the Uranus/Pluto Square. This volatile energy is taking us through breakdowns in our lives so that we move into breakthroughs. The best use of this Full Moon can be about harnessing the potential for self-adjustments, inner work and healing. Emotional empowerment is available to overcome any challenges now.

Leo Full Moon February 3rd ~ Time to Celebrate

Leo Full Moon

The very social and outgoing Leo Full Moon at 3:08 p.m PST is juiced up with extra enthusiasm and a taste for the unusual. This Full Moon is a story of self-consciousness (Leo Moon) versus collective consciousness (Aquarius Sun). This can be a battle of egos and ideas — or an opportunity to find ways for individuals to shine as cooperative members of a team. It is, as well, a time of joyous collaboration when our hearts and minds align to celebrate our commonality and our differences. Generous Jupiter in Leo’s conjunction with the Moon expands appetites and opinions. The best part of Leo is the inner child. You are to nourish and protect your childlike innocence. You are to be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. This is an excellent Full Moon to be creative.You can expand your business. Your work may improve. Your creativity can grow. Uranus’s favorable aspects both sun and moon can prick balloons of inflated self-importance but will allow you to make positive changes such as changing your personal attitudes and habits. You can also meet new people, friends or even a new love. Just remember Mercury is still in retrograde until Feb 11th which can help us to see more clearly what has been blocking us from making real change. It is important to be direct and honest in all your communication with others. All in all, this is a creatively rich environment where you can let go of the need to criticize and judge and realize your dreams!

New Moon in Aquarius - January 20th ~ Exploring Dreams

New Moon in Aquarius

The Aquarius Super Moon is at zero degrees. This energy represents new beginnings. This New Moon brings a fresh energy into all social situations. Connections to Mercury and Venus add a sweet, friendly quality that will help you get to know someone new better, or provide meaningful support to a friend. Mars and Neptune are separating from a conjunction in Pisces square Saturn in Sagittarius. This presents the challenge to persevere in the face of the unknown, in the face of fear. This New Moon is barely in Aquarius, occurring at 0°8′ with the Moon only a quarter-hour out of Capricorn. This sets the stage for a rare second Aquarian New Moon in February, and invites consideration of how the energies of Capricorn and Aquarius can be helpfully integrated. But a little creative thinking can go a long way in helping them work together harmoniously. Think big and dream bigger! Make your plans for the upcoming year but it is best to wait until after Mercury Retrograde is over mid February before you can act on them..

Saturn in Sagittarius - December 23rd of 2014 until December 19th 2017 ~ Curbing Excess.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn and Sagittarius are strange bedfellows, because Sagittarius is the sign of optimism and expansion, while Saturn is all about restriction and harsh reality checks. But this blending of opposites could actually strike a healthy balance. Over the past two years of Saturn in Scorpio you may have seen various themes in your life around letting go, surrender, loss of control and getting deep into ones own issues around trust, addictions, inner values and fears and transforming these issues into great strengths. If you faced these with courage and acknowledged responsibility for your own actions then the next two years can be very fruitful! Saturn in Sagittarius can be associated with a profound and penetrating mind. The more conscious individual can express this quality to a greater degree. There is a great possibility of finding some very valuable answers to broad and deep questions but they must be found within rather than from outside influences. If you’re one of the four mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces—this Saturn cycle will have the strongest impact on you. Get ready to see major structures in your personal and/or professional life take on a whole, mature new shape. A love of culture, learning and reading may be the saving grace for many who experience Saturn’s transit through the sign of freedom and exploration of a higher purpose in the cosmos. As far as widespread knowledge goes, this will be a game changer, that much is sure. The opportunity which Saturn offers here is connected with a potential for more direct intuitive perception of the wholeness and meaning of your inner psyche and this perception is what depth psychology calls 'peak experience'. Ideals and Ethics come into the forefront and Saturn will not tolerant others authority or domineering tactics. All Moral and ethical values lie within and while realizing these concepts are relative there still is a responsibility to serve the greater whole. On one side lies the the relinquishment of ones dreams and on the other the struggle against authority. Once balanced, there exists a freedom which a Sagittarius expresses most easily ~ Joy.

Uranus square pluto - December 15th

Uranus Square Pluto

This is the sixth of seven exact squares Uranus square Pluto, lasting all of December. Old structures and routines may become outdated and whatever the circumstances, you will be called on to evolve, and evolve rapidly in order to meet the challenges presented by the disruptive Uranus square Pluto transit. The powerful forces driving the changes in your life are most likely out of your control, but how you react is not. A considered and methodical approach is best, with impulsive actions not advised. As many of your friends of the same age group will be experiences similar upheaval in their lives, sharing stories and support can be of great assistance during this year or two. The secret to a good outcome is in recognizing that something deep within you is seeking expression and you need to be open to new experiences and different life perspectives without resistance. We are standing on the edge of a historical shift. We're already getting a taste of big changes to come: The housing, insurance and bank failures, the Occupy movement, concern for the environment and overall economic uncertainty. These things signal the beginning of a shift toward a great awakening of consciousness. There will likely be much upheaval on the road to progress, but it will be for the ultimate good. This is the time to break bad habits and old patterns, and be open to the coming changes. Both Uranus and Pluto are about change yes, but Pluto’s transformation can fester underground forever until Uranus’s lightening bolt hits it just at the right spot. The process is rather like the thunderstruck tower of the tarot. The rebuilding of that which has been devastated can take a while. It is not a quick fix.

Full Moon in Gemini - December 6th

Full moon in Gemini

This full Moon in Gemini represents a culmination of expansion that has been brewing over the past few months that brings with it a release and possible transformational shifts. You may feel a profound need to change your beliefs and attitudes especially if you have been experiences issues such as frustration, anger or lack. Mercury is Squaring Chiron in Pisces while squaring the Moon also which can bring a sense of mental clinging to old wounds. You must let the mind serve the heart and move towards the bigger picture, then the mind will follow. The Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter Leo, Uranus Aries and a Sun Sagittarius brings great excitement. Venus is even closer to the trine which brings a feeling of joy and adventure. It is a time to celebrate also, and to give gratitude for how far you have come over the past year. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate how far you have come. Focus on what has worked for you and let go of that which doesn't. Your appreciation for the good things in life is what gives you the strength to carry on and succeed. Be Brave and take risks. Initiate Action. Resistance is futile.

SOLAR Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio - October 23rd

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon Scorpio coincides with a partial solar eclipse and this alignment can help dissolve old behavior patterns that have been manifesting in your life recently. This is a great time to sow new seeds of thought especially if you have had issues through the culmination of Saturn's Transit of Scorpio over the past 2 years. You should be seriously looking into your unconscious to understand what you really want from life and the steps needed to achieve it. Scorpio likes to be penetrating and deep, so issues of rejection, self worth and our vulnerability will be at the forefront. The Neptune in Pisces trine helps add to the spiritual nature of this time and even if times are dark, Neptune will give you insight into creating a bright path forward.

Full Moon in Aries - October 8th

Full Moon in Aries

This is a highly charged and possibly even transformational full moon as it coincides as a lunar eclipse and is also a blood moon. What makes it more powerful is that it is conjunct Uranus square Pluto that has been activated multiple times throughout the past few years bringing forth angst,protests and general revolutionary change. This Lunar Eclipse effect will last for three months, and mostly effect those with important placements at 15º of the cardinal signs Aries,Libra and Cancer. It is important to stay grounded to enable the full creative and fiery energies to take forth. Moon in Aries is a war like energy. Aries is ruled by Mars the warrior…Watch out for being too impulsive. Rash decisions may feel good in the moment. Uranus is coupled with the Aries Moon. This is the empowered individual. Take charge of your life. Be the captain of your ship

Mercury in Retrograde ~ October 4th

Mercury Retrograde

It is a good time to turn inward to re-assess and evaluate your recent decisions that could shed some light on how to move forward with your relationships. This Mercury retrograde is important because Mercury activates the October Solar Eclipse point of 0º Scorpio three times and turns direct on this hotspot too. This means the theme of the Solar Eclipse is intertwined with this retrograde journey also.The Mercury Retrograde chart is dominated by the fabulous grand fire trine which brings inventiveness, vision and inspiration. I am so excited by this retrograde because the ingredients so far are just wonderful for artistic and creative pursuits. Mercury will station direct on October 25th

Full Moon in Pisces - September 8th 2014

Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon offers a synthesis of Piscean Expansion and Virgoan mental restraint from the sun. We have a heightened sense of sensitivity - which could bring us to the point of bliss or to the point of pain and suffering. Chiron, the Wounded Healer conjuncts the moon and even if your mind may have forgotten, your body remembers fear or trauma from the past. Low energy and brain fog now may be signs of a physical or emotional detox. Looking at any wounds and pain (or denial) we have around codependency, enabling, addiction, victimization or playing the martyr is key right now.

Mars Conjunct Saturn - August 25th 2014

Mars conjunct Saturn

As you may already know or have felt, Mars has recently entered into the intense sign of Scorpio. Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn on August 25, 2014 at 7.31pm UT. It’s a very dangerous high-discord astrological event. Mars is the planet of violence and those countries where violence is a feature of daily life – particularly the war zones – will feel the full impact of this astral onslaught. Personal, however this is, in fact, an excellent aspect for committed action, skill-building, and concentrated effort. It is an energetic counterpoint to the Dionysian Venus–Jupiter conjunction that took place a week earlier. The playful spirits evoked then will either be crushed by the weight of duty, doubt, and obligations or else supported with training, discipline, and tools for transforming beautiful moments into ongoing experiences. Mars is traditionally home in #Scorpio and its passage through sharpens arrows of intention and provides persistence in pursuit of #goals. Mars will be in Scorpio until September 22nd.

Venus Jupiter conjunction 18th August 2014

Full moon in aquarius

Venus - Jupiter conjunction in Leo 18-19th August Great pleasure awaits ~ Romance, play, and big promises can make us giddy like children, but living in the delicious present will benefit us more than projecting these good feelings too far into the future.This is closest conjunction in 15 years! Luck and optimism abounds and even the most stubborn problems seem relatively easy to solve. We can abandon ourselves to pleasure. Brilliant insights can arrive when we’re playing games or luxuriating in the bathtub. Listening to music can also be inspiring. Enjoy this time!

Full Moon in Aquarius – August 10th 2014

Full moon in aquarius

This full moon is one of five Super Moons this year where its orbit is closest to the earth. Full moons are oppositions that require a balancing and integration between the two signs it involves. Leo symbolizes our personal self #expression and #Aquarius the power of community and innovation. This Full moon forms a close t square with Saturn in Scorpio which all involve fixed signs that create a catalyst to breakdown rigid behavior patterns. The lesson is to ensure healthy boundaries and to go after our goals with discipline and dedication. The Uranus trine in Aries to the Sun allows us to break free from convention and create new and innovative solutions to existing problems. Listen to your inner guide rather that what others may say as you have the power to heal yourself.

July 16th 2014 - Jupiter enters Leo

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter ends its yearlong passage in Cancer and moves into the fiery, creative energy of Leo. Jupiter, the archetype of expansion and faith, will be in Leo until August 11, 2015; Millions of baby boomers born between 1937 and 1958 have their natal Pluto in Leo; Jupiter’s transit over that powerful evolutionary point provides an opportunity to become fully conscious of one’s deepest fears, as well as one’s deepest desires and what’s blocking them. This is a fiery placement that ignites an outgoing, assertive drive to express ones true identity and creativity. Regardless of your Sun Sign, or where Leo falls in your solar or natal chart, Jupiter in Leo signals a year in which you will grow and learn through improving the way you present yourself in the world. Leo is the sign of confidence and showmanship, and this is the time to do what’s necessary to grow as a person, and feel comfortable within yourself. Jupiter brings opportunities, optimism and the faith necessary to expand your life in the direction of your dreams. Have faith in your role in the drama of life! This is the year to let your light shine, and have fun doing it.