Madonna personality characteristics like any birth chart analysis can be quite vast and complex. By identifying prominent planets and the signficance of aspects with phrases we can start to paint a picture on what Madonna is like. We can identify which planets are of importance when there is alot of aspects to them. Madonna has prominent Jupiter,Neptune,Saturn,

Sun in LeoSun in LeoMoon in VirgoMoon in VirgoMercury in VirgoMercury in Virgo Ascendant in LeoAscendant in Leo
Personality Phrases
'The Painter of dreams''A lightning Bolt''The Spy''Self Exploration''The Progressive'

Famous People with Madonna

Planets in Signs

Sun in LeoSun in LeoMoon in VirgoMoon in VirgoMercury in VirgoMercury in VirgoMars in TaurusMars in TaurusVenus in LeoVenus in LeoJupiter in LibraJupiter in LibraSaturn in SagittariusSaturn in SagittariusUranus in LeoUranus in LeoNeptune in ScorpioNeptune in ScorpioAscendant in LeoAscendant in LeoNorth Node in LibraNorth Node in LibraMidheaven in TaurusMidheaven in Taurus
Planets in Houses
Sun in 12th House,Moon in 1st House,Mercury in 1st House,Mars in 9th House,Venus in 12th House,Jupiter in 3rd House,Uranus in 12th House,Neptune in 3rd House,Pluto in 1st House,Ascendant in 1st House,North Node in 3rd House,Midheaven in 9th House,

Planet Aspects

North Node Sextile AscendantNorth Node Sextile AscendantSaturn Trine AscendantSaturn Trine AscendantSun Conjunct AscendantSun Conjunct AscendantNeptune Sextile AscendantNeptune Sextile AscendantPluto Conjunct AscendantPluto Conjunct AscendantJupiter Sextile AscendantJupiter Sextile AscendantVenus Square JupiterVenus Square JupiterSun Sextile JupiterSun Sextile JupiterMoon Trine MarsMoon Trine MarsSun Square MarsSun Square MarsMoon Conjunct MercuryMoon Conjunct MercuryMars Conjunct MidheavenMars Conjunct MidheavenAscendant Square MidheavenAscendant Square MidheavenSaturn Inconjunct MidheavenSaturn Inconjunct MidheavenSun Square MidheavenSun Square MidheavenNorth Node Inconjunct MidheavenNorth Node Inconjunct MidheavenMercury Sextile NeptuneMercury Sextile NeptuneVenus Square NeptuneVenus Square NeptuneJupiter Conjunct NeptuneJupiter Conjunct NeptuneMercury Conjunct PlutoMercury Conjunct PlutoNeptune Sextile PlutoNeptune Sextile PlutoJupiter Sextile PlutoJupiter Sextile PlutoJupiter Sextile SaturnJupiter Sextile SaturnSun Trine SaturnSun Trine SaturnMoon Square SaturnMoon Square SaturnPluto Sextile North NodePluto Sextile North NodeVenus Square North NodeVenus Square North NodeSun Sextile North NodeSun Sextile North NodeJupiter Conjunct North NodeJupiter Conjunct North NodeNeptune Conjunct North NodeNeptune Conjunct North NodeSaturn Sextile North NodeSaturn Sextile North NodeSaturn Trine UranusSaturn Trine UranusMars Square UranusMars Square Uranus

Transit Aspects